Commercial Construction

Everyone on the OPCF team has a strong background in commercial and industrial construction. Their experience includes pre-engineered steel buildings, parkades, commercial slab prep, retaining walls and building foundations using conventional forms as well as ICF systems. We have the experience and equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently, and on budget.

Off-Grid Construction

Do you have a project you’re not sure can be done? We have real hands on experience building in the mountains of British Columbia. Off-grid builds are a personal passion for our crew and we aim to do at least one build per year.

Our Manitou Rotating Telehandler allows us to work in tight spaces with a minimal footprint and damage to surrounding property. No roads? No problem. We have experience in helicopter access-only building.

With the right planning and materials sourcing we can deliver beautiful, highly efficient custom off-grid buildings that will last many generations. OPCF works with some of the best timber joiners in the province to deliver stunning European-style timber frames supported by the best possible foundation system suited to the building site.

Residential Construction

OPCF Specializes in Insulated Concrete Forming (ICF) construction for the residential market. ICF is an integral part of Net Zero and Passive home building. A true all-in-one product, ICF forming systems incorporate the structure of a concrete core, above code R33 thermal insulating value and fastening strips every 8” for applying siding and drywall. In addition, we own a Plumwall ICF Bracing system so there is never delays for rental bracing that has the potential to come incomplete and/or broken.


OPCF has invested heavily in our tools and equipment.  To ensure accurate building layout, we own a Trimble Geodimeter Robotic Total Station as well as a digital Theodolite. Robotic total stations can measure angles as accurate as 1/3600 of a degree and distances within 2mm over 1000ft. Our total station gives us the ability to come in and accurately place a building on the property in minutes as opposed to hours using a pre-programed set of coordinates.

Our digital theodolite is an excellent tool for basic layout and checking building angles. Although it only measures angles, not distance, it is accurate to 5/3600 of a degree at distances of up to 500 feet.

OPCF owns a metal form bracing/scaffold system designed by Plumwall. Our bracing deploys easily with the heaviest individual part at approx. 35lbs. The Plumwall bracing system is designed for use on ICF forms as well as conventional wood forms, goes up in minutes and does not require cutting and fitting as most wood bracing systems do. Using built in handrail brackets, we can quickly and efficiently ensure that workers are protected from falls with WorkSafe approved guardrails.

Our 2016 Manitou MRT-2150+ is a replacement for our 2004 MRT-2510 that was destroyed in a trucking accident. With all the drive functions of a regular telehandler including the ability to steer with the rear wheels coupled with the ability to rotate cab and boom 360 degrees; the MRT series of telehandler has the ability to access and work in tight spaces without the need to constantly reposition the machine for every lift. The machine can navigate through passages as narrow as 8’6” wide and having only a 20’ x 20’ footprint with outriggers fully extended, it places itself ahead of all other pieces of construction equipment we have come across.

All OPCF operators have had specific Manitou-authorized training on this machine and have obtained experienced operator credentials.

We offer lifting services with our machine on an hourly or contract rate when the machine is not actively in use on a jobsite. For more information on how we can help speed up your project, saving time and money, please feel free to contact us.